About us

The company was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1966 by Remo Manganelli who had turned the vehicle repair shop of his father, Enrico, into a firm specialising in mechanical fasteners and automatic turning.

In 1979 it became STM owned by the Manganelli family and this is when construction of the current plant began.

It operates with high quality standards and technological innovation in the field of mechanical machining for both small and large scale production, for any application, including assembly of units, while its core business is the production of safety components for the automotive sector.

Determination in achieving its goals, the ability to organize and industrialise processes, continuous training of personnel, high levels of partnership, creativity in finding solutions and the ability to adapt to new demands are the strengths which have allowed the company to grow.

Our customers, who operate mainly in the automotive sector, have always recognised and valued the way STM collaborates and interfaces with their structures all over the world and have supported the company’s development and made internationalisation possible through the opening of the Slovakia plant in 2014.

Central to the development of STM are the people who every day bring their own contribution to the company in terms of professionalism, intelligence and creativity. Aware of this wealth, the company organisation is committed to meeting their needs with training, attention to the quality of work and the environment and professional growth.