• 1957-1966
    Enrico Manganelli founded a mechanical workshop bearing his own name which serviced and repaired cars and farming machinery.
  • 1966 
    After a brilliant career as a motorcyclist which saw him win the Motogiro d’Italia in 1954, Enrico’s son Remo joined the company. With the introduction of automatic turning machines, he began to make mechanical fasteners and produce mechanical parts for the home appliance industry.
  • 1968
    Production of cold pressed parts began along with a relationship with Cam Gears, an American multinational operating in the automotive sector which had recently opened in Italy and would later become TRW.
  • 1968-1978
    The company grew following the technological developments in the automotive sector, especially steering systems. As well as pressing other technologies were introduced such as milling, threading and grinding.
  • 1979
    STM snc was born, establishing the first nucleus of the current plant with the purchase of the first CNC lathes (both automatic and secondary).
  • 1979-1987
    The company focused on production for the automotive sector. Parts were made on 3 shifts and the first nucleus of a quality system was developed to meet growing sector needs.
  • 1987
    The company’s corporate structure was renewed with the arrival of Remo’s daughter, Stefania and her husband Franco Barella (now the majority shareholders of STM spa and STM Slovakia sro).
  • 1987-1994
    Development of technologies for the production of safety components needed for the new input shaft hydraulic steering systems, sleeves, sprockets, racks and start-up of the assembling department.
  • 1994
    Construction of the new plant with offices and metrology room.
  • 1997 
    UNI 9001 certification obtained.
  • 1997-2005
    Development of technologies and production methods for achieving quality targets below 10 PPM, further increases in production capacity and partnership services with customers.
  • 2005-2011
    UNI ISO/TS16949/ certification and development of partnerships with clients on the world market for complex components.
  • 2011
    Change of the IT system and development of SAP for controlling processes.
  • 2014
    Construction of STM Slovakia sro and launch of gears and pump casings production in the Povaszka Bystrica plant.