The main value of STM is represented by the satisfaction of our customers. Much of the work developed on a daily basis aims to understand, anticipating whenever possible, the needs that emerge in our relationships with our customers and making these our operational goals. Transparency, correctness and professional ethics guide the way we work and, along with creativity, passion and propensity for innovation, these are the value and style by which STM is recognised.


The value of its employees is of primary importance to STM. Each person who accepts to enter the organizational context of STM, in any role, increases its value and must be enabled to fully express their own potential. Dialogue, loyalty and mutual trust are the terms on which STM strives to establish its personnel management policy, the development of skills and responsibilities, assessments and relative rewards.


The first responsibility of the company is to be able to pursue its business activities over time in order to continue to generate wealth for all shareholders. STM shareholders are aware of the company’s social value and the responsibility of acting to guarantee not only a return on capital for the company but also stability, development and solidity.


STM is aware of the value of the environment in which it operates. It is therefore important for STM to act with the aim of contributing to the improvement of society and believes that the best contribution is to promote development through the transmission of its know-how and support for initiatives that increase education, culture and the local economy. STM does not shirk away from its responsibilities towards protecting the natural environment and internally promotes a correct attitude and a vision on the topic of the environment, considering the respect and protection of nature as an integral part of the way it works.

Franco Barella
Stefania Manganelli
Luca Illica Magnani
General Manager